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Reference Desk

Reference Desk is the place to find the information that you need.  It is where to find websites, encyclopedias, databases and multimedia resources. All you need is at your fingertips.  


News Websites

These news websites are great places to get information on important issues in the news and to find out about interesting things that are happening around the world today.

They are all free, so please be aware of content that is paid advertising, or clicking on links that take you to other sites. As always check for the ABC's (authority, bias, and currency) when using information from these sites.



Newslea is a great source for newspaper articles that are edited and rewritten at different reading levels. The site's content is provided by various news organizations including The New York Times, The Associated Press, and many other highly rated news organizations.


DOGO has short format articles for kids on current events, science, sports and more, plus lots of pictures, videos and an interactive map!

Tween TribuneTween Tribune is an interactive site from Smithsonian that features news content for grades 5-8 in science, history and current events. Pick the reading level that is right for you.

Tween Tribune JuniorTween Tribune Junior is just like Tween Tribune but for students in grades K-4.

Time for KidsTime for Kids offers news articles on many topics, including the country, the world, animals and school-related issues.

Student Search Engines

The following are search engines for you to use while looking for information.  Search engines allow you to search for information and websites on many topics.  Please remember to evaluate websites before using information from them.  Especially, look for authority, bias, and currency. If you find something that is inappropriate for you, please hit the back button, and tell an adult. 

CyberSleuth Kids

An Internet search for students in Grades K-5.

 Fact Monster Fact Monster is a complete reference desk in one place, including an encyclopedia, atlas, almanac, and more.

Infoplease Infoplease provides a quick and easy reference site for kids to find information about anything ranging from what the tallest building in the world is to how hot it can get in Zimbabwe.

InfotopiaInfotopia provides trusted websites selected by teachers and librarians.

KidtopiaKidtopia is a Google custom search engine for selected sites made by teachers and librarians.

Sweet SearchSweet Search is a search engine that only includes sites that have been reviewed by a team of librarians, teachers, and research experts. Give it a try!


Encyclopedias are great sources of general information.  They are the best place to start a research project or information search, especially if you need to build schema for your subject.

World Book EncyclopediaThere are four encyclopedias in one here and many articles are signed by the authors, who are experts in their fields.  This information has a lot of authority.

Britannica School.  Encyclopedia Britannica is better than ever and with four different levels for searching, it is just right for everyone from PreK-12th grade and beyond.